We-Del Starts business in London, UK

On March 1, 2019, We-del officially opened business in the UK. Its services during its first week of operation will be centered around London and the company plans to expand its services to other cities in the UK within the next few weeks of operation. The Wedel App is available for download today on Google Play Store (Andriod) and the App Store (IOS).

The Company is presently recruiting drivers all over the UK and interested drivers who intend to earn extra cash delivering parcels and packages are encouraged to click on the "Register as a Driver" link on the We-Del website.

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We-Del to start services in the UK, last Quarter of 2018

We-Del will be opening services in the UK by the end of this year by offering on-demand, same day and scheduled deliveries across the country. The We-Del App has been developed to offer relative ease and convience to the ever-growing demands for efficient and relaible delivery services for both clients and drivers

From side hustle to full-time and everything in between, The We-Del App is the most flexible way to earn money on the side for individuals as we strive to build a robust river database. Whether you like driving local or long haul, the We-Del app makes it easy to earn cash by driving, where you can choose delivery that fits into your schedule, earning up to £70 for driving locally and up to £350 for driving long haul. Drivers get the option to see what you will be paid for each delivery and also know your pick-up and delivery location before accepting a customer request.

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We-Del to open Nigeria office by First Quarter 2019

We-Del is currently putting plans in motion to expand its services into one of Africa's fastest growing econmony where on-demand deliveries is presently rising. We-Del will be making its emergence into the Nigerian market by the first quarter of 2019 with earning opportunities for individuals who would like to earn moeny delivering items around the busy city of Lagos

The Nigerian economy dwells on an increase in entreprenuers striving and looking for extra ways to earn money. We-Del tends to integrate the demand for delivery services with the earning opportunity for drivers who love to drive, and who can choose delivery that fits into their schedule everyday

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